Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dirty Girls Come Clean By Crystal Renauld

All too often, people see pornography as solely a male issue. While in years past, it may have been a male issue, with the rise of the latchkey kids (kids who are home alone after school until dinner time or later) and the rise of the internet, pornography is a growing issue for women. It is estimated that close to 50% of pornography users are now women.
Dirty Girls Come Clean was written by a woman who had been addicted to pornography starting when she was a preteen. Renauld wrote the book after dealing with her own struggle and gaining victory over pornography and helping others gain victory in their own struggles. In helping others, she could only find books that dealt with men’s issues of pornography.
Dirty Girls Come Clean gives a recovery process for women who are struggling with an addiction to pornography including telling someone about the struggle and having someone keep them accountable.. But it also tells the story of several women’s struggle with pornography. Not all of these women have conquered their addiction at the time of writing, but they have made progress in conquering their addiction.
I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with an addiction to pornography, or anyone who in a position to counsel someone with an addiction.
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