Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lights, Camera, Photo! L is for Light

L is for Lights! Sadly these photos were generally taken during the day time, but I promise I will have night time photos of lights. Come on, it's Christmas time. Of course I will take photos of some of the Christmas lights around the area! But anyways, here's what I got to take photos of with JS.

This was outside the Catholic church and rectory. I assume it was commissioned by Robert Chambers. 

What interesting figures around this light!

Any clue who this guy is?

This was from the front of the rectory.

And the front of the church

One of my new favorite places, the Coffee Beanery! (Only second to Moe's)
There are more pictures of the Coffee Beanery to come. I think it deserves its own post!!!
Can I have lights like that over an island in my dream home?!

W is also for Walls!

Across from the Catholic church in Broadalbin is a stone wall. While this is a pretty stone wall, there is one in Albany that I used to walk on every time I spent a weekend or Thanksgiving at Grandma's.
Broadalbin stone wall

Stone wall near Grandma's.

This wall always seemed to be so big when I was a kid!

W is for Windows

A collection of windows from the factory to the rectory to the church.
There is something so special to me about old falling down buildings!

I love windows with details.

This is the side of the Catholic church

and here is the front

D is for Dollhouse

Welcome to my trip down memory lane. Before all the family arrived at Grandma's on Thanksgiving day, I took a walk around the neighborhood to get some shots of memory lane. Things I remembered from growing up, one in particular - the house I, as a child, called the Dollhouse.
However, I was not able to get as many pictures as I wanted as there were cars in the way, as well as plants and trees.

S is for Signs

This was on the end of the factory.

The coffee shop where we parked to take pictures of the furniture factory across the street.

In front of the Catholic church (and down the fence from the next picture).
And it seems Christ is only found there at that Catholic church, no where else?

Is this no parking sign there because of the previous sign?

E is for Elevators

Ok, I showed this picture before, but it is worth its own post. The elevator shaft!
Have I said how much I love old buildings! 
Though I must say while the door seems larger than a regular door, I think of an elevator shaft as being bigger, especially for an old furniture factory.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

C is for Church

There is a beautiful Catholic church that was next to the rectory. I've driven by it hundreds of time, but I finally got to stop and take pictures! There were various parts of it that you will see in different blogs. I love the doors, took pictures of one of the lights, the windows, some benches, even a contractor's name in the concrete.

This sign was outside the church, not to far from the No Parking sign. Is there a reason the two signs are close together?

Let's start with B! Buildings and Blue

Between Tuesday and today, I have taken 99 pictures. I'm not sure how many letters I've covered, but here's a bit of what I took yesterday with JS.
This is an old furniture factory that we found in Broadalbin.
I love the Elevator Shaft sign next to the door.

Next to the Catholic church is the rectory which was the Home of Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933). He was a famous author, illustrator and amateur entomologist. Yet, I've never heard of him. Have you?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I think the blue chairs look a little out of place... :-) 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taking Pictures Out on the town.

Today, when JS and I spent the afternoon together, we stopped by some local places because I wanted to take some pictures of places that I drive by on a weekly basis, but haven't stopped at. I got some great shots of things around where I live. Let's see how many letters did I cover today? B for buildings and benches, W for walls and windows, L for lights, F for a fence, I for an inscription in concrete, S for signs and statues, and more. I think my hardest letters to find are going to be Q, X, and Z.
I'll post some of the pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

T is for Trees

This is the first picture for my photo blog. "T" can stand for many things, especially during this season. Turkeys, Thanksgiving, Tea, and even Trees.  Here is a seemingly forgotten tree. Much of its fruit has fallen to the ground and is of no use. The little bit that is still hanging on the tree has been forgotten about.

Since I got the idea of doing this photo blog, I have viewed my world differently. I wonder what things that I saw every day or every week are photo worthy. There are things, places, in my travels that I would drive by without a second thought. But with this blog beginning, I saw things that would be unique photographs. Some things, I want to photograph now, others I want to wait until the first snowfall.

Now as this is the first post to my Photo Blog, let me share my rules. There must be a photograph for each letter. But there is no limit as to how many photographs per letter. The blog must be finished by December 31, 2010. All the photographs must be new ones. Taken from now until the end of the year. I cannot reuse any old photographs. The photographs must all be posted here on the blog.
We shall see how this goes. It is my first photo blog.
Enjoy the journey!