Thursday, December 23, 2010

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The final post, a recap of the journey....
Like this sentence many of us are familiar with, here's a recap of what I did.

A - Alphabet sign
B - Buildings
C - Christmas, Clock, Church
D - Doors and a dollhouse
E - Elevator shaft and eggs
F - Fences and Forks
G - Gates
H - Hot Potato Cafe and Heel
I - Iron and Inscriptions
J - Juice
K - Letter in the cemetery
L - Lights
M - Mailbox and Metro
N - Numbers
O - Ornaments
P - Plates and Pines
Q - Quilt, Quinn's
R - Ribbon
S - Signs
T - Trees
U - Union Station
V - Virginia Christmas Spectacular and letter in the cemetery
W - Walls
X - Xerox, FireworX
Y - Yellow, Yager
Z - Letters in cemetery

Here's to the completed photo blog!!!

When I was a kid, A was for Apple..Since then, things have changed. I went into a classroom yesterday to take these pictures...
A is now for Airplane?

Thanks for following me on this photo blog....

Miscellaneous Photos

I have taken nearly 500 photos for this photo blog over the last month. Obviously, not all of the photos made it into the blog. So here are a few of my favorites that didn't make it in.
I love coffee shops!

Leaves that were still hanging Thanksgiving

I have no clue what kind of tree these are from, but they intrigued me.

I think all we are missing here is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I love the post coming right out of the lion's mouth to hold up whatever sign or awning.

Then, he was around the corner...

Care to go to a game with him?

I love the foot!

Now, define "long"

There is just something about a lonely bench.

One of my favorite tables to go sit and study at or meet up with friends while in Seminary.

Christmas lights!!

This creek and bridge are next to the cemetery.

Poor cemetery fence

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

X, the final letter

Well, after all my work. I had one letter left today that I wasn't sure what to photograph for. Then, the bright light came on... I was sitting in the church office and what was around me? A keyboard, telephone, fireworx paper and a xerox machine....

E is for Eggs

I already used E for the Elevator that I saw at the beginning of this blog, but I felt that I needed something else for E. Here are a few eggs...

Q is for Quilt

Several years ago, I won a quilt at a mother-daughter event that I went to with my VA mom! It has adorned my bed ever since. It has made every major move with me and will travel with me to CT in the coming days.

J is for Juice

J was another letter that was hard to find something for. So, I share with you one of my favorite things...juice! Anyone feel like a little kid? Where is the sippy cup?

This has become my absolute favorite juice in the world!!!!

There are a few that we took on the trip south. My favorite are the Strawberry Kiwi and the Strawberry Orange!

R is for Ribbon

Throughout the summer, I put ribbons on the Partnership Mugs for COTW. Over the summer, I was able to travel to civilization to go to a store to pick up more ribbon, which meant, I got to pick out colors. I found a few favorites (even two that I'd love to use for my wedding colors someday).
I saved a few of the scraps, partly to remember the shades of the colors, and partly just because they are pretty...
So... we have a picture of ribbon...
Look at all the pretty colors....

My two favorite, a sea green and a light blue. Maybe you shall see these again someday in the future....