Thursday, December 23, 2010

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The final post, a recap of the journey....
Like this sentence many of us are familiar with, here's a recap of what I did.

A - Alphabet sign
B - Buildings
C - Christmas, Clock, Church
D - Doors and a dollhouse
E - Elevator shaft and eggs
F - Fences and Forks
G - Gates
H - Hot Potato Cafe and Heel
I - Iron and Inscriptions
J - Juice
K - Letter in the cemetery
L - Lights
M - Mailbox and Metro
N - Numbers
O - Ornaments
P - Plates and Pines
Q - Quilt, Quinn's
R - Ribbon
S - Signs
T - Trees
U - Union Station
V - Virginia Christmas Spectacular and letter in the cemetery
W - Walls
X - Xerox, FireworX
Y - Yellow, Yager
Z - Letters in cemetery

Here's to the completed photo blog!!!

When I was a kid, A was for Apple..Since then, things have changed. I went into a classroom yesterday to take these pictures...
A is now for Airplane?

Thanks for following me on this photo blog....

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