Saturday, December 18, 2010

O is for Ornaments

One of my friends suggested that I take a picture of ornaments for O. Since our tree isn't up, I pulled out some of my ornaments out of the box and took pictures of some of my favorites.
Ok, so this one is not an ornament, but I took a picture of this manger scene that my parents bought when we were in Israel for a background to my powerpoint for this week.

Ah, my giant ornament! This is, by far, the biggest ornament I own!
I bought it in Minsk, Belarus! I managed to find it on clearance in March 2004.

Ok, again, not an ornament, but I bought it to use it for one. There weren't too many ornaments in the airport in Tokyo, Japan. Since I try to get an ornament from every country, this is my Japan ornament.

My Baby's First Christmas ornament (or at least one of them). Every year we had our tree up, this ornament was somewhere on one of the lower branches of the tree.

My grandma would give each of us grandkids an ornament every year until we were 18 (I managed to beg for one at 19). This was given to me sometime in the early 90s. I found some very similar to this when I was at a flea market in Germany.

CAMP-of-the-WOODS ornament.

Another Baby's First Christmas ornament, this one from my Grandma!

I have a small collection of angel ornaments. These are just two of them.

Niagara Falls! After going to Niagara Falls at least once every three years (this year we actually went three times....), I finally bought an ornament for Niagara Falls!

When we were in the Falls this summer, we went to a carousel Museum in North Tonawanda. I always loved carousel horses growing up, so it was perfect to get this ornament.

This ornament was handmade by my great grandma who died when I was 4.
My name is stitched on the back.

A collection of balls.

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