Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Traipsing through a cemetery! Letters K, Q, V, Y, Z

I went to the local cemetery today, and while I would normally post each letter separately, all but Q were found on headstones. It was not my intention to find all the rest of the letters in the cemetery, but it was quite convenient.
The real reason I stopped at the cemetery was that I wanted to take a picture of one of the gates now that we have had some snow. Sadly, I stopped by a little late as some of the snow had melted. Regardless, I still got a good picture of the gate. This gate was one of the first pictures that I wanted to take when I first started this blog, but I knew I wanted to wait until it had snowed. After all of's my gate.
I wish there was more snow behind the gate, but it's still pretty.

I don't know what the first stone in the cemetery is, but there are quite a few that are in the early 1800s like this one from 1811.

Many of the older stones are leaning in various ways. There is something pretty about it, but sad as well.

I assume there were many family sections in the older part of the cemetery, like this little row.

Yup, this person served in the Civil War.

I don't know which family headstone was there, but Sarah and Sidney were next to each other.

This stone was laying on the ground. I love the different "fonts" on the stone.

Did I tell you about the tipped stones... This one is so worn that it is not even readable in places.

There was metal stakes on the bottom of this, I assume to keep it from leaning, but it didn't work. (Though that may have been because of kids tipping over headstones instead of cow tipping....)

Wow! Elizabeth was 93 years old, and died in 1849!

It appears that this person came over from Scotland?

There is such a beauty in these stones leaning towards the middle.

Isabella died "in the 77. year of her age" Not that she was 77 years old....

I simply found this stone beautiful and picture worthy!

I love all the fungus on the letters.

This wheelbarrow was tucked away behind a tree towards the back of the newer section of the cemetery.

Oh the things that people will put at a grave.

This pumpkin is my favorite. Now I assume the pumpkin was put there in October or so...but it's now at the end of December...

Here is my "K"

So this person died in the 70s, maybe while in high school?
But what I found interesting was the picture that was included as part of the stone.

Here is my Z.

I find it interesting that this stone is there for two people who have not yet died, but has the name of an infant daughter who has died.

This was next to the one above it. I assume he was the father of the John named above.

Died in WWII in Germany.

I was intrigued by all of these symbols for those that served in the various wars.

This one seemed a little strange to me. I understand doing a "couple" stone like the Stutzke above, but two separate stones? The part that weirded me out, was that I know Marion.

If one stone wasn't big enough to put everyone on it that was needed...use two.

The gates around the outside of this cemetery are all different in the various sections.

Another "Z"

Ok, I already did "Y" for Yellow, but here is another. I like the Father stone beside/behind it. There were several all around it, Father, Mother, etc

Here's my "Q". This was across the street from the cemetery.

Not sure why this was at the end, but this inspired my going around and finding more letters that I was missing. So here's to "V"!

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