Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lights, Camera, Photo! L is for Light

L is for Lights! Sadly these photos were generally taken during the day time, but I promise I will have night time photos of lights. Come on, it's Christmas time. Of course I will take photos of some of the Christmas lights around the area! But anyways, here's what I got to take photos of with JS.

This was outside the Catholic church and rectory. I assume it was commissioned by Robert Chambers. 

What interesting figures around this light!

Any clue who this guy is?

This was from the front of the rectory.

And the front of the church

One of my new favorite places, the Coffee Beanery! (Only second to Moe's)
There are more pictures of the Coffee Beanery to come. I think it deserves its own post!!!
Can I have lights like that over an island in my dream home?!

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