Friday, August 19, 2011

Good News - A Phone Call

After reading One Call Away, I figured I should write a post about a good phone call. I left today for a nice weekend road trip to CT for a very special wedding. After I arrived here, mom called and emailed me to let me know that Kohl's called me. I tried calling them back, but got no answer (it was just after 6 pm). So hopefully I'll know tomorrow or Monday what the specifics are, but it looks like I should have a job!!!! I was told by a friend that there were over 1000 people interviewed for 150 positions for the new store, and my friend was told if we got a letter, that was bad, but if we got a phone call, that was good. So here is to new beginnings, fresh starts. In relation to this post by Camy Tang, I think the right word is witness.

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