Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Meanderings

Bible Reading: Bible in a year
Memory Verse: not sure yet
Reading Goals (I request free books from several publishers in order to read and review the books. I got a book from every publisher in the last two weeks (6 paperbacks) as well as deadlines closing in on some of the galleys of books (files of books before they are actually published). So I am trying to catch up on those (This year I have read over 50 books since January and 30 of which were free books for my blog review.) Here's the reading goal for this week:
Surprised by Oxford (Thomas Nelson Publishers) - Started this book on Saturday
Community (Net Galley) - Started this book on Sunday
Spiritual Warfare For Women (Bethany House)
Personal Goals:
Road Trip! This weekend will be my first solo road trip! I'm driving to CT for my friends wedding!!!
Draw some designs for earrings to be made in the future (when I have money to buy the thread and other materials)
Design and make jewelry for the wedding this weekend (floating necklace and maybe earrings)
Begin putting together a birthday calendar to put with cards that I buy.
New Habit: Getting back into blogging about life (including MM), not just blogging book reviews
Must Do:
vacuum my bedroom
Pack for my weekend in CT
Make jewelry for the weekend
Volunteer in the school office Tuesday (at least 2-3 hours?)
Spanish Rice with Sausage
Stuffed Shells
Fish and Chips
Sesame Chicken
Prayer Requests: JOB! I had an interview last week (along with over 1000 other people) for a new store that is opening up in town. They are only hiring 150 people. So hoping I get the job.

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