Sunday, August 7, 2011

Always The Wedding Planner, Never The Bride By Sandra D. Bricker

In the same vein as Always The Baker, Never the Bride, Sandra D. Bricker has written another laugh out loud book! In Always The Wedding Planner, Never The Bride, Emma Rae’s college roommate , Sherilyn Caine, has landed the perfect job, the wedding planner at The Tanglewood, the same wedding destination hotel that Emma Rae is the baker for. Sherilyn is engaged herself. So as she is helping other brides, she is trying to make plans for her own wedding. However, all of those plans are falling apart! Her wedding dress that was shipped from Chicago, goes missing. Her replacement wedding dress disappears, and everything that Sherilyn thinks could go wrong does. She even thinks she is allergic to her fiance!
Always The Baker, was a great book. Always the Wedding Planner is just as good! It is a perfect book to take a break with. You will laugh out loud as Sherilyn faces every disaster before her wedding. Sherilyn, Emma Rae, and the other characters will become good friends you can’t wait to hang out with. The tips and ideas at the end of each chapter are great, too!

This book comes out in October, 2011
I received the galleys of this book from Net Galley.

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