Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tour de Force by Elizabeth White

Sometimes you see a title of a book and are interested in it, other times the cover makes you pick it up and look at it. Well, with Tour de Force, the cover made me immediately want to read the book, without even reading anything about it. I was so excited for the book just because the cover was so beautiful, and I knew the book was going to be great. And it surely did not disappoint me! I absolutely loved it!!!!
Gilly Kincade is a rising ballet dancer in New York. Because of another dancer’s injury, Gilly was asked to fill in for a lead role. That same night, another former dancer turned choreographer, Jacob Ferrar, was attending the ballet to invite two dancers to be showcased in a special program in Alabama. When Gilly is in Alabama, Jacob asks her to perform a special dance for his board of directors in order to showcase a new ballet. But tragedy hits and Gilly is injured. Will she be able recover and dance again? Will Jacob forgive himself for Gilly’s injury? Will Jacob and Gilly be able to sort out their uncertain future?

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