Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life from a Broken Perspective by Patsy Clairmont

We all get hurt at different points in our lives. Some hurts are small like little cracks, other hurts are much bigger and seem to shatter us. Patsy Clairmont show us how God uses those hurts to create something beautiful, just like a piece of stained glass. Clairmont uses the illustration of stained glass to show how broken pieces fit together to make something even more beautiful that what the pieces originally came from. It shows the usefulness of the broken pieces and how the master artist can take those broken pieces to make something beautiful when put together and allowed to have light shown through.
From the back cover: “Stained Glass Hearts is a perspective that gives us the chance to see our potential for color, sparkle, and great purpose through the grace of God.”
I loved Clairmont’s book and how she shared her own struggles with despair, fear, loneliness, and depression to how she was able to overcome those issues. She also included some unique special features in the book to encourage the reader to take a look at beauty around them by looking online for various pieces of art or specific artists or museums, listening to music, reading books or poetry, and specific Scriptures.

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