Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When A Woman You Love Was Abused by Dawn Scott Jones

Abuse of any kind, but particularly sexual abuse, can be detrimental to a marriage. Often, if it was the wife who was abused as a child, the husband, doesn't know what he can do to help his wife. He wants to fix things, but abuse is not something one can just put a bandaid on and heal it. Dawn Scott Jones shares her own story of being sexually abused as a child by her father and how husbands and help their wives get help and heal from the scars of abuse.
Jones is honest about her own experience and her journey to find healing. She artfully weaved other people's testimonies in addition to her own. This is a great resource, not just for husbands, but to be used in ministry along side other resources like Neil T. Anderson's Steps to Freedom in Christ and his book Bondage Breaker.
I give this book 4 stars. I received this book from Litfuse for the purpose of this review.

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Pastor Dawn said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Neil T. Anderson's books. This is exactly what I believe; God wants to bring healing to our whole being, body, soul, and spirit. My book is a resource to be used with God's Word, and books like Bondage Breaker- that clearly teach the truth...our identity in Christ. knowing the truth sets us free!