Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun Secrets with Jody Hedlund

Secret #15: The thing I like least about being an author.
By Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund
I love being an author. I absolutely adore spinning stories together. The process of creating characters, plots, and satisfying romances is something that I don't think I could live without.
But there is a LOT more to being an author than just writing books. There are many other responsibilities that take time. I'm my own secretary, administrative assistant, travel agent, researcher, editor, publicist, and marketer.
Out of all the writerly duties, there are several that fall near the bottom of my list of favorites. One of my least favorite things to do is market my books. I'd much rather let the marketing happen naturally in the course of connections rather than having to try to cold call or sales-pitch my book to someone. Fortunately, with the ease of the internet, authors can spread the word about their books in less invasive ways.
Another duty that comes close to being my least favorite is book signings. They are really hit or miss occasions. I've been to some where I've had lines and others where I've twiddled my thumbs most of the time. In the internet age, where readers can easily connect with authors from the comfort of their homes, I think book signings have largely lost their appeal—to both reader and author alike.
Even though marketing and book signings are fairly low on my list, I'd have to say that getting rewrites from my publisher is the thing I like least about being an author.  Rewrites (also known as macro edits) are the first major set of edits my editors give me. And these rewrites involve big picture kinds of changes. They aren't simple fix-a-word-here or a-comma-there kinds of edits.
Those kinds of major changes require a great deal of thought and concentration. It's not easy to thread new thoughts, character development, and plot ideas through a finished manuscript.  I find that I have to really focus during the rewrite phase, that I need more concentrated and quiet time to work–which isn't always easy to come by.
But as hard as the rewrites are, I know they only help improve my stories. When I'm done with them, I'm always glad I persevered to make my story even better. 
What about you? What's the thing you like least about your work?

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Lady DragonKeeper said...

I guess since I'm a student, my "work" is school related --papers, projects, exams, etc. My least favorite part about that is the stress when you have one thing after another due ...

In regards to book signings --for me as a reader, the internet only makes me want to meet my favorite authors even more --one author who springs immediately to mind is Julie Lessman. I enjoy her books, but my interactions with her online is what first made me a fan. Of course, where I'm from, we see many Christian fiction authors visiting here ...

Thanks for the chance to win!


Shelly said...

I'm a medical transcriptionist and though I love my job (especially since I get to work at home!) the part I like least about my job is transcribing for doctors that are difficult to understand. This includes doctors with heavy accents but is not limited to those. Some English-speaking doctors are the worst because of how much they mumble!

I really hope to win Jody's book!

Ganise said...

This is not the first time that I hear an author chosing marketing as their least favorite part of writing!

And as book lover aspiring to be a writer, I definitely can understand you! Writers just want to write!

Anyways, I'm currently a student too and I agree with what LadyDragonKeeper said.

Thanks for sharing!

g.gclermont AT gmail DOT com