Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rough Road To Freedom: A Memior by Neil T. Anderson

Best-selling author shares his inspirational journey
Today known as the author of the mega-seller The Bondage Breaker and the founder of Freedom in Christ ministries, Neil Anderson didn't always know that he was called to serve the Lord as a Christian minister. Though he is sure of his calling now, he readily admits that he has never sought a position in ministry and though he has founded and led a successful international parachurch organization, he refuses to spend a minute of his time to keep it in business.
The son and grandson of Norwegian farmers, Anderson grew up in rural Minnesota. He was a fun-loving, sports-crazy child, and no one suspected that God had planted a seed in him that would lead first to years as a pastor, then to teach in seminary, write or coauthor sixty books, and found a global ministry. Here he honestly shares his journey, complete with struggles and trials as he learns to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Though he still asks God, "Why me?" he continues to set people on the path to true freedom in Christ.

I was initially drawn to this book because I had heard of Neil T. Anderson because of his Steps To Freedom in Christ almost 2 years ago. I just went through the steps a few weeks ago. So I was excited to read his book and to see how everything had started and come together. Neil's book gave a history of his life and ministry. It was a unique look into the life of a man I have come to greatly respect for his work in spiritual battles.
I give this book 5 stars. I received this book from Kregal for the purpose of this review.

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