Monday, January 23, 2012

The "What's For Dinner?" Solution by Kathi Lapp

Welcome! I am doing a 5-day challenge for the book The “What’s For Dinner?” Solution by Kathi Lipp
Each of the 5 days, there is a different topic that I will blog about. I’d love as much interaction as possible during these five days!
Day 1: Share Your Menu
Day 2: LOOP Meal (Left Overs On Purpose)
Day 3: Kitchen Tips
Day 4: Family Favorites
Day 5: Getting Your Kitchen To Work For You
Because I live at home with my parents, these posts will include a guest, my mom! I will include her thoughts on these topics as well as my own.
So here is Project 1: Share Your Menu
Some weeks, mom and I will have a menu set out for each day and I can tell you what we are going to eat on Wed and what we will eat on Saturday. But that is rare! In general, mom and I will make a menu of 5-6 dinners, and then each day we will decide what we will have for dinner that night. Some nights we have time to make a nice meal, other nights we need a quick and easy meal. Mom goes grocery shopping each Monday if possible. Before she went this morning, we talked about the menu. She had looked through the freezer to see what meat we had to use, and wrote that down. Then we figured what side and what vegetable to go with it. Then there were some pantry basics and personal items that needed to go on the list. Mom had also looked through the coupons from the paper the other day and knew what she wanted to use from those. So we had the grocery list.
So here’s our menu for the week:
Manicotti with hamburg and corn
Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza
Spanish Rice with kielbasa
Chicken and stuffing
Fish and chips (oven roasted potatoes)
Sunday: Leftovers
What is your menu for this week? How do you figure out what you menu will be? Do you go by what your family’s schedule is? Do you use coupons? 
Curious what Kathi has planned for this week? Check out here menu here.

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