Friday, October 21, 2011

The Girlfriends Guidebook: Navigating Female Friendships

Relationships are complex. People don’t come with user manuals to help us figure each other out. While over the years, many have written books on dating and marriage, far less books have been written on friendships. The Bible defines a friend as one who “sticks closer than a brother” and one who “would lay down his life for you” (Proverbs 18:24 and John 15:13). In our social media culture, it seems that true friends, Biblical friends, are often very hard to come by, and very precious when they are found. When other relationships break down, we go to our closest friends. But what do we do when there is a rift between close friends?
Marian Jordan gives three key points vital to friendships that she further breaks down in the bulk of the book. First, as women, we need to make sure we allow God to fill our emotional needs. We can’t seek our boyfriend or spouse or other friends to fill that emotional need. Secondly, we need to realize our own sin nature has an adverse affect on promoting godly relationships. Our pride, envy and jealousy can get in the way and create such baggage that when left to grow will only destroy our friendships. Finally we need to understand and practice the characteristics of godly friendships.
As a child, I had a period when I had just changed schools and was lonely. One very wise teacher shared some advice that I have not forgotten. She told me, “if you want to have friends, you must be a friend.” This book was very much a reminder of that. With the backdrop of traveling, Marian Jordan does a great job of illustrating the joys and heartaches of friendships, and how we as women can have godly friendships. I highly recommend this book to any mom wanting to improve her friendships and to teach her daughters about godly friendships. I recommend this to any ministry leader wanting to teach a series on godly friendships or to do a weekend or week long retreat. While I suspect this book was meant for women around the ages of 16-30, it could be used for women of all ages, the world over. This book will be an invaluable resource for this generation of women!
I received this book free from PR by the Book for the purpose of this review.
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