Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Junior's Dessert Cookbook

Junior’s Dessert Cookbook by Alan Rosen & Beth Allen
The Taunton Press

Easy to find Ingredients: A lot of the recipes require specialty ingredients or mixes which are recipes on other pages, but you have to go back to that page to make that recipe. So you really have to read the recipe before you go shopping and before you make it.

Easy To Understand Directions: Good job!

Lots of Pictures: Poor job here. Wish there were more pictures, whether on every page, or every few pages with labeled pictures.

Extras: History of Enduro which was reinvented as Junior’s.

Final Comments: I love that their philosophy was not to try to replicate great desserts, but to improve on them. They also included a section for sugar free desserts. Finally, there is a chart of common problems, causes and solutions for imperfect desserts.
This is a good cookbook for 50’s style ice cream shop desserts or for fans of Junior’s.
I received the galleys of this book from Net Galley for the purpose of this review.
This book comes out October 18, 2011

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