Thursday, September 30, 2010

25 in 25 Update

Well, tomorrow is Oct 1st. So here's my update on my 25 in 25. I have 5 months till my birthday to accomplish what I can on my list.
  1. Grow Closer to God
  2. Learn sign language (Bought The Joy of Signing)
  3. Find a full time job
  4. Read a non-fiction book a month
    1. August: Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman (Done)
    2. September: 48 Days to the Work You Love (Done)
    3. October: Ordering Your Private World
    4. November: Boundaries
    5. December:
    6. January:
    7. February:
  1. Write some devotionals
  2. Lead a small group
  3. Visit a castle
  4. Go on a mission trip
  5. Go on a date
  6. Pay off one of my loans
  7. Get on track with a budget
  8. Get my first apartment
  9. Buy a car
  10. Get health insurance
  11. Finish my “Legacy Drawer” (Want to do in Oct)
  12. Finish Philippines Journal (want to Finish in Oct)
  13. Get recipes in order (want to do by the end of December)
  14. Write devotionals
  15. Work on OT Curriculum
  16. Work on NT Curriculum
  17. Put Scripture together with my photos (Have started, but need to find more verses for specific photos)
  18. Make at least three collage frames with the Scripture/verses
  19. Finish reading all of Tracie Peterson’s books (have read almost a dozen so far. Many more to go...)
  20. Put together a dream book of things I want to do (aka Bucket List) (See a post coming soon!)
  21. Make a list of habits I want to start and make a plan to start them (working on this now)
    1. Monday Meaderings, 25 in 25, spiritual growth, etc

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