Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally and Forever by Robin Jones Gunn

This is the 4th book in the Katie Weldon series. At the end of the third book, Katie has decided to join Eli in Kenya and she surprises him at the airport. Finally and Forever begins with Katie and Eli on the plane traveling to Africa. Katie gets to watch at Eli goes home, she gets to see him in his element and meet his family. As Katie and Eli spend time at Brockhurst, the retreat center Eli's parents work at, Katie meets people who help her figure out what is next and what her purpose at Brockhurst is.

I've grown up reading all of Robin Jones Gunn's books. As I read and reread each book, it's like being with great friends. This book was no different. I couldn't wait to read it. It came in the mail yesterday, and I tossed it in my bag to start reading when I was on break at work, then I stayed up after work until I finished reading it. I had the biggest smile on my face while I read it, and was even giddy with laughter reading it! I hope that there will be another series, Katie and Eli, the African Years. I can only hope!
I give this book 5 stars!!!

I received this book free from Zondervan for the purpose of this review.

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