Monday, February 6, 2012

A Jane Austen Devotional and A Charles Dickens Devotional

First of all, let me say I am very sorry for my delay! Congrats to our winner, Anne Payne! The devotionals will go out in the mail soon.
Growing up, I didn’t read Jane Austen, and very little of Charles Dickens, other than A Christmas Carol. I got my understand of both authors from the PBS show Wishbone. So needless to say, other than watching a few Jane Austen movies in college, I haven’t had much exposure to either author. 
Both of the devotionals have a small section from one of the author’s writings, and then a short devotional relating the excerpt to Scripture. Each book contains 100 devotionals. 
I am amazed at how much of Austen and Dicken’s writing deals with a person’s character or attitude. Both of these devotionals cover a host of topics. I love that they aren’t dated or numbered, so it is easy to read the book from cover to cover, or to just jump around reading a devotional that applies to you that day.
I received these devotionals from PR By The Book for the purpose of this review.


Anne Payne said...

I won these on another blog and I'm really looking forward to them! Thanks for your review :)

Anne Payne said...

Ok...I have NO idea why I posted this comment on here. I thought I was on another blog...DUH!!! I won them from you :) brain is not functioning. I would have removed the comment but I couldn't from my end. Just delete these comments :)