Thursday, March 22, 2012

27 in 27

1. Find ways to celebrate the little things
2. Find an avenue to use the ASL I am learning (signing during worship, teaching others, etc) * look up worship songs in ASL
3. Pay off one of my student loans
4. Read through the bible chronologically
5. Read some things just for fun, without blogging about the books.
6. Paint things for my apt
7. Learn to play the piano
8. Pay off 4 bills
9. Have a fondue party
10. Do a photo challenge
11. Make 24 meals from pinterest (2 per month)
12. Make some crafts from pinterest
13. Help someone plans wedding
14. Put together my collection of favorite recipes
15. Keep a notebook of questions I have when reading the bible
16. prayer walk
17. Go on a road trip
18. learn a new game
19. Continue with Prepare - Enrich
20. do something fun with Jaime a few times
21. Cook with friends
22. Surprise someone with food
23. Plan a girls night out (at least every other month)
24. Paint ceramics somewhere ( maybe as a girls night out) 
25. Finish MPC ppt slides ( both versions)
26. Buy a car
27. Move out of my parents home

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