Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reinventing Rachel by Alison Strobel

This has quickly become my favorite book by Alison Strobel. It gave a good picture of many churches today, people know of God and even believe God, but they don’t always allow Him to really transform their life. Rachel seems to have the perfect life. She follows God, had a good life growing up, has a good job, and has a good fiance. However, in a matter of 24 hours, everything changes. Rachel’s family falls apart, she finds out her fiance has been cheating on her, and another friend is going to rehab for a drug addiction. On a whim, Rachel agrees to meet a friend in Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. While there, she decides to embrace the changes in her life and reinvent herself. She picks up her life in California and moves to Chicago. She finds a new job, a new guy, and a whole new life, forsaking all she knew and was to find her new self. Will she be happy in this new life, or will it all fall apart to?
I got this book from the Amazon Kindle store.

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